Making AI work.

What we do


We'll advise on the theoretical and practical applications of AI to your business.

We will help you take advantage of your data to gain valuable insights that can lead to process automatization and increase in revenue.


A prototype is a great way to understand the potential of AI, before you're ready to commit to a full-blown solution.

We'll work together to concretize your ideas and help you build confidence in the solution before investing more time and money.

Development & Deployment

We'll design, implement and maintain the software all the way to a reliable and scalable production system.

We choose practice-proven technologies to ensure seamless integration with your existing stack or the most popular Cloud services.


Industrial automation

Employ AI to optimize and scale your manufacturing pipeline from design to the final product.

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Generative design

Leverage AI to turn tedious design processes into natural interactions between humans and machines.

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Knowledge management

Organize your company's knowledge and augment the productivity of your workers.

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Object and action recognition

Use image and video content analysis to automatically recognize objects and actions in near real-time.

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Predictive analytics

Analyze historical data and turn them into actionable insights.

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Product search and recommendations

Meet customers demands by giving finely tuned search results and product recommendations.

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How it works

Strategy Workshop

1-2 Weeks

After the initial call, we'll evaluate how we can help you. We'll gather the requirements and develop a strategy to get to a solution.

Proof of Concept

4-6 Weeks

We develop a prototype solution. This will give you a better idea of the potential.

Production-grade Solution

3+ Months

We work iteratively, over several milestones, to get the system to a state you're happy with.

Support and Fine-tuning

As needed

We'll test and refine the solution to make sure it is ready for launch.



Get the insights needed to improve product range, quality and production yield.

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Get help with planning, task management, and safety, while keeping everyone informed.

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Retail & Commerce

Respond to customer like never before, improve user experience by offering personalized buying options.

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Transportation & Logistics

Respond to demand and adapt in real-time, while keeping it safe and transparent.

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Food & Agriculture

Boost efficiency, reduce waste, improve safety and support sustainability.

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Speed-up time consuming processes like contract drafting and analysis.

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