Making AI work.

We develop, deploy, and maintain AI solutions that help businesses deliver more value to their clients. We've used our experience in the field to reduce workflow costs by a magnitude, make novel offers, and increase overall profitability.


Helping manufacturing SMEs digitise their design and build processes, and setup artificial intelligence to reduce costs, increase manageability, flexibility and efficiency.


Using AI-powered knowledge management to help lawyers streamline document creation, review processes, ensure compliance and reduce mistakes.


Strategy workshop

• Free problem strategy call;

• Discover what practical value AI can bring to your business;

• Learn about the development and maintenance costs and risks specific to you.

Feasibility study

• Validate the vision;

• Trial on smaller but representative case before committing to full-blown system;

• Frame quantitative requirements for the system;

• Identify hard to foresee and costly development issues.

Custom software

• We design and implement the software and make sure it's reliable and scalable;

• Use practice-proven technologies to ensure seamless integration with your existing stack;

• Maintenance and support.


Document understanding with DocAI

Document understanding with DocAI

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Private and secure AI: Threats and solutions

Private and secure AI: Threats and solutions

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Using neural networks to track irregular heartbeats

Using neural networks to track irregular heartbeats

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