Knowledge management

Knowledge management is the process of creating, sharing, using and managing knowledge and information with the goal of achieving organizational goals.

It’s about getting the right information to the right place at the right time.

Information management

Gather data from multiple sources to one location, remove manual data collection processes, standardize data using preset functions to ensure data integrity, uncover and explore connections in data, leverage existing taxonomies, and create tailored insights.

This eliminates the need for multiple systems and allows the your organization to enhance the decision-making process.

Automate back office tasks

By automating repetitive back office tasks, your department can auto-generate regular reports that are required to inform managers and ensure everyone in the company is aligned.

Easily auto-generate reports, analyze their content, and email them to relevant stakeholders.

Voice assist

Voice control gives its users accurate access to information through hands-free, intuitive and efficient interactions.

In an industrial setting, workers can connect to other devices in the factory floor and issue key instructions with their voice. This will speed up internal processes, and improve overall productivity.

Catalog content optimization

Automated content processing uses Natural Language Processing techniques to extract, normalize and enrich metadata. These tags can be published directly to a search engine ensuring results are relevant.

Customer service chatbot

Customer service chatbots are capable of handling low-to-medium call center tasks such as issuing support queries, recording complaints, requesting a delivery, amending an order, or tracking a shipment.

Chatbots are also valuable tech to analyze customer experience: by analyzing chat transcripts businesses can better understand their customers and improve the customer journey.

Privacy protection

To comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, organizations should apply data anonymization techniques to their data.

Automatic data anonymization tools can keep data private while maintaining the utility of the protected document. Personally identifiable information like name, social security number, or email address can be redacted or replaced in a semantically meaningful way.

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