We use AI-powered knowledge management to help lawyers streamline document creation, review processes, ensure compliance and reduce mistakes.

Whether for regulatory compliance (like GDPR), document review of any sort (like due diligence) or other specific business goals, structuring and extracting legal data is essential for driving intelligent and forward-looking business decisions.

We aim to digitise the legal function by empowering lawyers and legal teams to adopt a more data-driven approach to legal operations.

Our knowledge management framework will help with:
  • Document management
    • Access and share information among the relevant stakeholders by centralizing contract data and setting access rights;
    • Import and search across databases, including drilling down to specific contract terms;
    • Integrate with other internal systems (ERP, CRM).
  • Discovery
    • Search document contents (e.g. identify relevant contract clauses and stakeholders);
    • Similarity search and smart document comparison to standardized templates or model clauses.
  • Document review
    • Validate the document and surface inconsistencies;
    • Checking that a contract is complete and avoids risk.
  • Document automation
    • Generate routine legal documents;
    • Transform existing documents into templates.
  • Analytics
    • Aggregate information to detect anomalies and outliers;
    • Generate quantitative reports from documents.

Data strategy & digital transformation

We'll talk about your processes and data and will figure out the ways in which legaltech could help speed up your workflow. We'll put together a report identifiying the pain points and strategy going forward.

Audit packages start at 5000 Eur ex VAT. Email us to get started

Bespoke software development

In case you're unhappy with the existing offers and don't want to invest in building your own tech team, we have a team of data scientists, software engineers and tech consultants ready to help. We can focus on a particular part of your workflow or build an end-to-end solution; in either case, the process includes prototyping and development of the production-grade system.

Please get in touch to get an estimate and to see if we're a good fit.

Development packages start at 5000 Eur ex VAT. Email us to get started