We help manufacturing SMEs to streamline their design and build process and set up artificial intelligence in order to reduce costs, increase manageability, flexibility and efficiency.


Over the last 10 years, we’ve been creating and maintaining software pipelines which led to manufacturing clients cutting digital build time from multiple days to under an hour per product.

We are focused on developing Digital Build Pipelines (DBP) which:

  • Starts with the user order
  • Arranges the making/ retrieval of design files
  • Generates required machining instructions
  • Distributes the instructions to the relevant stations as needed
  • Monitors the manufacturing process
  • Collects and investigates the data from all the steps

In particular, we help to:

  • Link up the software tasks into a cohesive digital build pipeline
  • Automate DBP steps
  • Develop and deploy AI algorithms to automate vision or audio-based tasks
  • Defect detection algorithms
  • Demand forecasting

Custom Manufacturing Data Audit

Starts at €4000 ex VAT.

Get a 50% discount now!

In this audit, we take a fresh look at the data you collect and how you use it, identify critical flaws and put together an actionable plan for extracting more value for your business from data. You’ll get an insightful and incredibly useful PDF report with a detailed situation of your data and what next steps to take.

Custom DBP Audit 

Starts at €5000 ex VAT.

Get a 30% discount now!

Do you constantly wonder how to streamline your business pipeline and do not know what to do next? Maybe you already know that some processes are unnecessarily complex, slow or error-prone, but do not know how to start addressing them? In this audit, we get together and discuss your workflow. We start with project/product inception, continue through design generation, inventory management and production monitoring and end with shipping and post-shipping accounting. Having discussed bottlenecks we prepare a PDF with a plan on how to address them. The plan will list what options you have and how much they would cost, so you could pick the ones with the best ROI.

Custom DBP Development

Starts at €5000 ex VAT.

No discount!

In case you do not have enough in-house resources to proceed with the implementation we have a team of data scientists, software engineers and tech consultants with extensive experience developing and deploying end-to-end AI solutions. The process includes prototyping and development of the production-grade system. Please get in touch to get an estimate and to see if we’re a good fit.

Custom DBP Assist

Starts at €4000 / Month ex VAT.

No discount!

Does your company need ongoing support and guidance with the digital build pipeline? Are you continuously investing in problem-specific software solutions, but still struggling to maintain a good overall efficiency? This continuous monthly service allows you to receive top-notch guidance and support without hiring a IT department in-house.


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