Object and action recognition

Turn real-time video into meaningful insights.

Extract and track objects, identify actions, and compile them into meaningful information in near real-time.

Progress monitoring in construction sites

Images and 3D scans of building can provide the necessary input so that the AI can track the timely progress of the physical building against the plan stored in the BIM project.

Furthermore, comparing the physical building progress against the digital twin enables automatic identification of errors/deviations from the original building plan during the construction phase.

Safety hazards and accident alerts

The use of AI in the form of computer vision in combination with cameras at the construction site might mitigate risks and reduce the number of accidents greatly.

It can help detect when a tool is not stored correctly or workers are not wearing safety gear.

Protect private information

Track and blur any person or any other object in a real-time video feed. GDPR compliant.

Extract insights from real-time video

Analyze the content of a stream in real-time and generate insights, count objects, detect actions, trigger alerts, and more.

Make your videos searchable

Extract information from the images and audio in the videos and feed it to a search engine. Content will be a lot easier to find.

Find equipment

On-site AI enabled cameras can scan and indicate the location of the closest tool or equipment.

Improves both the utilization of tools and productivity, as construction workers do not have to walk around the construction site spending hours searching for tools and equipment.

Defect detection

Being able to predict defects and failures using AI can reduce unplanned downtime on the shop floor, and significantly improve product quality, throughput, and yield.

Sensors in machines create a continuous stream of data on their use and state of maintenance. Predictive maintenance uses data analysis and algorithms to predict the need of maintenance, helping prevent unnecessary downtime.

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